Guatemala Antigua San Sebastian


Introducing the Guatemala Antigua San Sebastian light roast—a sublime coffee born from the volcanic soils of Antigua’s highlands, steeped in rich history. At 1,500 meters above sea level, these beans ripen slowly, capturing the essence of this legendary region. Delicate Caramel notes and hints of cinnamon dance harmoniously, with a touch of cocoa and toasted almonds, all preserved by our meticulous light roast. Each cup is a tribute to the generations of passionate farmers who have cultivated these exceptional beans, a story of craftsmanship, and a sensory masterpiece in a cup. Discover a coffee that transcends time and place, available now for your enjoyment.

Origin: Guatemala
Flavor Notes: Caramel & Cinnamon
Roast Level: Light
Processing Method: Washed


Behold, the Guatemala Antigua San Sebastian bean, a radiant gem among the world of coffee. Nestled in the highlands of Antigua, this celestial offering embodies the very essence of terroir and craft, a testament to the connoisseur’s palate.

These beans, plucked with the utmost care from the ancient volcanic soils of San Sebastian, undergo a meticulous light roasting process. The result? A symphony of flavors that dance upon the taste buds with grace and precision.

In the cool embrace of the Guatemalan highlands, this varietal basks in a unique microclimate, where the volcanic soil provides fertile ground for its growth. The altitude, hovering at 1,500 meters above sea level, forces the bean to ripen slowly, nurturing its character. The rich history of this region, once the heart of Guatemala’s colonial coffee trade, seeps into every crevice of these beans, imbuing them with an air of nostalgia.

As your cup meets your lips, you’ll be greeted by a delicate floral bouquet, reminiscent of the vibrant blooms that dot the lush Antiguan landscape. A subtle hint of jasmine dances with notes of sweet lemon zest, inviting your senses on a voyage through time and place. The light roast preserves the bean’s intrinsic acidity, allowing the cup to shimmer with lively brightness.

With every sip, you’ll uncover the intricate layers of flavor that have made Guatemala Antigua San Sebastian a legend among coffee enthusiasts. Silken cocoa notes intertwine with the whisper of toasted almonds, creating a harmonious balance that lingers long after the last drop.

This is a coffee that pays homage to its origins, to the sun-soaked terraces of San Sebastian and the dedication of generations of farmers who have tended to these precious trees. In every cup, you’ll find a story that transcends time, geography, and taste—a tale of passion and craftsmanship, told one sip at a time. Guatemala Antigua San Sebastian, a coffee that transcends the mundane, a symphony in a cup, a sensory masterpiece.

Origin: Guatemala
Flavor Notes: Caramel & cinnamon
Roast Level: Light
Processing Method: Washed

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