Ateng Wahana Timang Gajah


Origin: Wahana Estate, North Sumatra

Flavor Notes: Lemon citrus, Honey, Black Tea

Roast Level: Medium

Processing Method: Washed

The Wahana Estate Project has been producing high-grade beans for the specialty coffee market since 2005 — and their years of research, planning, and cultivation has culminated in the Wahana Timang Gajah. Nestled within the Aceh province at a mile above sea level in Northern Sumatra, the micro-sized lots where this Anteng Juluk variatial is grown are high-yielding and unique. The patches of flat, porous loamy soil that dot the area are incredibly rich, laced with nutrients such as magnesium and potassium, which, in conjunction with other organic materials, act as natural fertilizers! Both the elements and stars aligned for this year’s Timag Gajah, which is why we chose it for the next installment of our Wander Reserve!

We conducted a few cuppings and decided to roast these beans at a medium level, which brings out some honey sweetness while preserving the more subtle notes of jasmine and black tea. Our supply of this Timag Gajah is even more limited than the last Reserve, so order now if you don’t want to miss out!

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Origin: Wahana Estate, North Sumatra

Flavor Notes: Lemon citrus and honey sweetness with a hint of black tea and jasmine
Roast Level: Medium
Processing Method: Washed

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