Wholesale Products

Wholesale Products

Wholesale Products

If you are interested in Wholesale ordering, please send us a note at contact@wandercoffee.com

already a partner?

If you are a current Wander Wholesale Customer, please go to My Account and Log in. Then, use the Shop link to place your orders.

Why choose Wander?

Small Business

Family owned and operated since 2016.

Great Taste

We take high-quality beans from around the world and roast them to perfection!

Ethical Sourcing

All of our beans are from farms where both the environment and the workers are treated fairly.

Micro-Lot Grown

Using coffees from unique areas to achieve distinct qualities that you cannot get from large-scale, monocrop, farms.

Small-Batch Roasted

To ensure freshness, we roast-to-order in small batches, which gives our beans no time to become old and stale.

Quality Control

We never want things to slip through the cracks, which is why we cup every batch to make sure it lives up to our standards.


We strive to be environmentally and socially sustainable in everything we do, from our compostable packaging to the high-powered afterburner we use to clean the air outputted by our high-efficiency roaster.


You can mix and match our beans to create personalized blends that fit you or your customers’ tastes.


We’ll not only help you source high-quality grinders and brewers, but we’ll also handle the servicing of the machines as well!


You don’t have to hire a professional barista, because we’ll train your staff to become professionals themselves!