Sustainable Practices

As avid nature lovers ourselves, we are inspired to sustain the earth through all of our actions. From using environmentally conscious equipment to packaging all of our products with biodegradable materials, we are proud to raise the bar in eco-friendly roasting.

our equipment

– There are many quality coffee companies throughout the country. The issue with the majority of their roasting facilities, however, is that the machines used often release massive amounts of harmful emissions into the environment. This fact brings about the stark reality that the cost of coffee production too often involves compromising the health of the planet–along with the well-being of all of us who inhabit it.

– Taking this issue seriously, we at Wander Coffee have committed to only roasting our beans using environmentally conscious equipment. Our thermal oxidizer, in particular, is one of our favorite eco-friendly machines, as this advanced afterburner effectively destroys 95% of pollutants associated with coffee production (including VOCs and particulate matter). This machine, combined with our efficient drum roaster, allows us to confidently maintain clear air quality throughout all of our roasting processes.

– We invite you to make an appointment to visit our micro-roastery to check out this equipment–and our green standards–firsthand.

Biodegradable Packaging

– It can be disheartening to discover how many landfills are brimming with unnecessary trash associated with common food and drink items–including coffee. Though coffee beans themselves are not inherently harmful, the non-renewable plastic and foil bags that frequently protect them can be quite the nuisance for the environment. Fortunately, a new form of eco-friendly packaging has hit the market to help improve this epidemic: Biotre Film bags by PBi.

​- Biotre Film bags, Wander Coffee’s exclusive form of packaging, are made up of 60% renewable wood pulp and 40% Polyethylene treated with a disintegration-speeding additive. When disposed of properly, the majority of these bags’ makeup have been proven to biodegrade into a healthy backyard compost in 84 days or less.

– Even more promising is the fact that, despite these bags’ biodegradable capabilities, no degree of coffee quality is compromised in using them. In our eyes, that makes this Wander Coffee packaging a win-win for everyone.

Other Products

– Wander Coffee’s commitment to sustainability extends to all reaches of the company and the store. That means that every product we represent–even beyond our beans and bags–is carefully assessed for environmental friendliness before we ever put our name on it. From our brewing equipment to our farmers’ market displays, no item is exempt from our strict standards.

​- Even our paper products–including our business cards and the custom labels on our coffee bags–are subject to our sustainability research and testing. Standing firmly by our belief that no detail is too small when it comes to preserving our planet, we consequently print exclusively on FSC-certified paper produced by wind energy.