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Sumatra Wahana Rasuna


Sumatra Wahana Rasuna




Origin: Wahana Estate, North Sumatra

Flavor Notes: Strawberries, Toffee, Chocolate
Roast Level: Light-Medium
Processing Method: Natural

One of the core missions of the Wahana Estate and something we also care very deeply about is sustainable agriculture. Nothing shows this commitment better than the Rasuna varietal. Rasuna is a hybrid, comprised of Typica and Catimor varietals. While each of these two varietals create their own unique flavor profiles, Catimor is regarded for it’s higher yields but over time, tree production greatly decreases. Typica, on the other hand, has lower yields year to year but last much longer over time before production yields decrease. Crossing these two varietals to create Rasuna not only creates depth and complexity, but also retain yields as well as tree longevity over time. This dedication and experimentation is why the Wahana Estate is at the forefront of sustainability, traceability and overall coffee quality.

We can truly say that we have never had a coffee quite like this one. Orange citrus notes come through on the first sip followed by flavors of strawberry and toffee. If you’re looking for a distinct coffee that will impress the connoisseur who’s tried it all, these beans will certainly fit the bill.

Please note that, due to limited quantities of this top-tier coffee, we are selling the Sumatra Wahana Rasuna exclusively in our online store in 8 oz. and 16 oz. sizes only.

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