Sumatra Wahana


Sumatra Wahana



Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Kiwi, Black Tea
Processing Method: Natural
Roast Level: Medium

Quite special in the coffee industry, longberry beans are named for their unique thin and long appearance. Very specific growing conditions limit the areas where longberry varieties will thrive, so the successful establishment of this coffee at the Wahana Estate has been an exciting endeavor for all involved. The team at the Wahana estate dedicate the majority of their 1200 acres to coffee growing and land preservation, but 75 acres is reserved for a coffee nursery where they seek to push the envelope, experimenting with beans of all kinds until winners like this Sumatra Wahana Longberry emerge as clear frontrunners.

The profile of these beans is much different than other longberries, featuring notes of silky cocoa, juicy kiwi, and earthy black tea. If you’re looking for a distinct coffee that will impress the connoisseur who’s tried it all, these beans will certainly fit the bill.

Please note that, due to limited quantities of this top-tier coffee, we are selling the Sumatra Wahana Longberry exclusively in our online store in 8 oz. and 16 oz. sizes only.

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