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Transform your coffee experience this winter with a festive and jovial Santa-inspired holiday coffee set from Wander Coffee!

The Wander Holiday Set includes:

  1. TWO 12oz bags of Single-Origin Coffee (one Ethiopian and one Indonesian) that have been carefully sourced and roasted within strict parameters for optimal flavor.
  2. An optional hand-written card if bought as a gift.
  3. A 10% OFF coupon redeemable at checkout for your next order.


1.  Flores Komodo Dragon Tuang Anaerobic Natural

  • Tasting notes: Sweet refreshing rose tea, layered with passionfruit and green apple notes, and cherry blossom aroma
  • Country: Indonesia; Region: Flores Manggarai
  • Altitude: 1,300 Masl
  • Processing Method: Anaerobic Natural

2. Ethiopia Guji Sere Saba Washed Gr 1 TOP

  • Tasting notes: Honeysuckle and Jasmine Tea
  • Country: Ethiopia; Region: Guji Zone, Oromia
  • Altitude: 1,200 – 2,000 Masl
  • Processing Method: Washed

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12oz per bag, 24oz total


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