Guatemala Quiche Natural


Origin: Guatemala
Flavor Notes: Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
Roast Level: Light
Processing Method: Naturally Processed


It is a pleasure and a privilege to add this Guatemala Quiche Natural to our list of single-origin coffees! Starting from the ground up, these organic coffee beans were nourished with natural, sustainable, and locally-sourced bio-fertilizers. These bio-fertilizers not only improve the soil quality and result in higher yields, but they also imbue the resulting beans with a ripe chocolatey  sweetness and a subtle fruity flavor that reminds us of tropical cacao! Due to the remoteness of the plots (which sit directly in the heartland of the Quiche region) the farmers process their cherries on raised beds and patios after handpicking them — ensuring to rake the cherries periodically for a drying process that is consistent and uniform. We’re in the midst of the harvesting season — with stretches from November to April — so if you miss the opportunity to try some Guatemala Quiche Natural this time, you’ll have to wait another year to savor the experience!

Origin: Guatemala
Flavor Notes: Chocolate-Covered Strawberries
Roast Level: Light
Processing Method: Naturally Processed

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