Costa Rica Roger Urena


Costa Rica

Farm/Producer: Finca Copey, Rodger Urena

Region: Tarrazu

Altitude: 2100 Meters

Variety: Caturra, Catuai

Processing Method: White Honey

Tasting Notes: Stone fruits, syrupy body, mix of white and herbal tea notes


Origin: Costa Rica

Tasting Notes: Plum, Herbal tea, White Chocolate
Processing Method: White Honey
Roast Level: Light

Within Costa Rica, the region of Tarrazu is famed for its volcanic soils, wonderful climate and higher growing elevations. When you take these variables and combine them with producer Roger Urena, the results are truly delicious coffees. After years of acquiring land and cultivating new coffee trees, in 2015, Roger was able to build a micromill to process his coffees. With Roger’s farm at elevations higher than 2000 meters, the mill was perfectly named “Santa Teresa 2000”. With such care taken not only in cultivating but also processing the coffee cherries, its no wonder why this particular lot is bursting with complexity, rich in mouthfeel, while also delicate like white tea.


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