Colombia Miguel Jimenez


Colombia Miguel Jimenez

We are beyond excited to release our first Wander Reserve coffee and oh my word is it a treat! Of all the well known coffee regions in Colombia, Tolima is relatively less known. There are a few reasons for this, the major one being the conflict surrounding coca leaf production. As the conflict within this area has lessened in recent years, groups of producers have stepped up in bringing the coffee of Tolima to the world market. These producers have also taken on the challenge of introducing new processing techniques. This has created new and exciting flavor profiles that have caused an increase in demand for coffees coming out of Tolima.


Origin: Colombia Miguel Jimenez

Flavor Notes: Dark Berries, Bubblegum
Roast Level: Light
Processing Method: Macerated Natural

This particular lot was grown at an altitude of 1800-1900 meters by 20 small scale producers under the direction and guidance of Miguel Jimenez. What makes this coffee truly special is the “maceration” done during the processing of the coffee cherries. Once the coffee cherries are picked, they are “floated” through troughs, allowing defect cherries to be removed. From there the cherries are sealed in an airtight drum to macerate for 2 days before they are dried on raised beds. Extensive quality control, paired with the experimental “maceration” processing method create a coffee that is truly unique in flavor.

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