Burundi Mutana


Burundi Mutana

With warm winter flavors of cinnamon and cardamom, paired with Peach and lemon notes,  it is truly the perfect coffee to welcome spring.


Origin: Burundi Mutana
Flavor Notes: Cinnamon, Peach, Caramel
Roast Level: Light
Processing Method: Washed

This particular Burundi is grown by a group of 858 farmers in the province of Kayanza. This area is known for its volcanic soil and near exclusive use of bourbon varietals. What I find particularly awesome about this coffee is the local washing station, used to wash and process coffee cherries. Most of the farms in this region are quite small and often produce very little coffee cherries, making traceability and sustainability very difficult. To help with these problems Long Miles Coffee Project built the Heza washing station and most importantly facilitate coordination between hundreds of farmers and Heza. This work produces higher quality coffees, that are traceable and fetch prices that are sustainable year to year for the farmers.

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