Honduras Jorge Ventura


Origin: Honduras

Tasting Notes: Cherries, Berries, Chocolate
Processing Method: Anaerobic Natural
Roast Level: Light


There are so many important factors that go into producing great coffees but number one is the people. Nothing typifies this more than Jorge Anibal Ventura. Jorge grew up working on his families farm. He later became a certified Q grader and eventually became full owner Finca El Playon. Jorge’s Finca is located near Mercedes in the Ocotepeque region of Honduras at an altitude of 1400 meters. His coffees are shade grown, and both FTO and Rain Forest Alliance Certified. With Jorge’s experience as both a Q grader and Roaster, he is uniquely qualified to produce very high quality micro lots – Truly one of our absolute favorite coffees.

Farm/Producer: Finca El Playon, Jorge Anibal Ventura

Region: Ocotepeque

Altitude: 1,400 Meters

Variety: Parainema and Pacas

Processing Method: Anaerobic Natural

Tasting Notes: Cherries, Berries, Chocolate

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